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Kristina Elo

celebrates her 30th anniversary as an artist in 2021

She is known for her genre painting of naïve art, a style which she has created by combining the classical theory of still life with naïve art in an unorthodox way. 

Technical mastery is distinctive in her works, but as if making fun of the classic technique, her beloved children’s book characters (the Crow, Franz the Rabbit, the Dragon, the Frog or the Fox) make their way into the paintings, creating a juxtaposition between the stillness of the composition and the energy of the characters.

Another characteristic of Elo’s paintings is that they take an intellectual but often slightly hidden standpoint; never political but rather illustrating the viewpoint of a bystander. 

It is rare in today’s world that an artist, like Elo, chooses to bring up an often forgotten trait like quality consciousness in her work. For who else paints her works on linen canvas the old masters used to do?


Kristina has studied fine arts at the Repin Institute in Kotka, full-time between 2007-2011. The studies under the guidance of professors and teachers of the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts gave her the tools to renew her own practice. By combining strong classical skills with her imagination, genre painting of naive art was created. According to Kristina naive genre painting is an art genre which combines the technique of classic realism with the humor of naive art. Kristina has exhibited her paintings in Finland and abroad since 1991.


Upcoming exhibitions


Unformatted-taiteilijaryhmä, Merikeskus Vellamo


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